Western Cape Surfing

Rubber and wheels are the keywords in the Western Cape as the water temperature drops towards the peninsula (the meeting point of the two oceans).

The chart below details conditions for the best waves and will make your surfing less of a gamble.

Spot Direction of waves Size Wind
Derde Steen right and left 2-6 NE
Dunes right and left 2-6 SE
Elands Bay left 4-8 SW/SE
Glen Beach right 2-6 NE
Herolds Bay right and left 2-3 W
Jongensfontein right 2-4 W
Kalk Bay left 4-6 NW/SE
Koeël Bay right and left 2-4 SE
Llundadno right 2-6 SE
Long Beach right and left 2-6 SW
Muizenberg right and left 2-4 NW
Outer Kom left 8-15 none
Outer Pool right 2-6 W
Silwerstroom right and left 2-4 NE
Skaap Eiland right 2-6 NE
Stilbaai right 2-8 W
Table View right and left 2-4 NE
Victoria Bay right 2-8 W
Wedge left 2-5 NW
Wilderness Beachbreak right and left 2-4 W

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